black love summit 2018

Meet us in Atlanta for the 2019 Black Love Summit. Until then, we reminisce…..



Vanessa Spencer, Ryan Michelle Bathe, Khadeen Ellis, Aonika Thomas, Ashley Chea – all wives featured in the BLACK LOVE Series – talked about the realities of wife-dom at the first ever Black Love Summit. These ladies held it down on the Wives Panel, a glowed-up girlfriends’ conversation, on their role as “wife.”  They covered topics from self care secrets that include tossing tires (aka crossfit as a means of de-stressing) to sexy-time all-the-time to childcare guilt –– each bringing their unique perspective and experience on being a wife and mother.  The attendees left refreshed with new ways to honor their family, and themselves, through the role as a wife.

Husbands panel (2018)

Lance Gross, Chris Spencer, Devale Ellis and Robbie Jones got together for the Husband Panel hosted by BLACK LOVE co-creator Tommy Oliver at the first ever Black Love Summit.  The goal: to be as honest as possible about being a husband. The fellas dived in on topics from fights on “Black Love Eve” to dealing with women who proposition in front of the wife to knowing, as Chris Spencer said of his wife Vanessa, that she is “the one”.  The husbands agreed it takes work and sacrifice to have a healthy marriage. And they illustrated how life-giving and beneficial a marriage can be when committed to the intentionality of making it work. Watch the highlights from this conversation.

KEYNOTE LUNCHEON w/ devale + Khadeen ellis (2018)

Devale & Khadeen Ellis joined us to keynote our Black Love Luncheon. They dropped gems the entire time and shared transparent and hilarious stories about their journey and partnership as partners and parents. Devale encouraged anyone committed to growing with their partner to “step into their shoes” and shared perspective into the evolution of their partnership, having met at 18 years old! Watch more highlights from the Luncheon now!

Clips & Conversation with niecy nash + Jay tucker (2018)

Niecy Nash & Jay Tucker joined creators Tommy & Codie Oliver on stage for Clips & Conversations, featuring clips from Season 2 of Black Love Doc. And we had a time! The transparency and thoughtfulness these two shared was vibrant, refreshing and spoke volumes as to how they set themselves up for success in their relationship! They championed being on the same team as they journeyed into parenting bonus children and fostering healthy relationships with everyone involved! What a treat to have their presence.