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JULY 20, 2019

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The Black Love Summit is an unparalleled one day live experience gathering Black singles and couples for transparent conversations about love, partnership, and community. The creators of the Black Love docuseries, Tommy & Codie Oliver, bring together high profile couples from the show along with talent from and an energized audience eager to grow and learn from candid, honest experiences. We are excited to be hosting the summit in Atlanta for year two! See you there!

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Married While Parenting

There is a delicate balancing act that is being loving and present for your spouse while raising tiny humans who depend on you for everything. It can be a scary transition for couples. We will discuss how to keep your marriage and relationship at the forefront while balancing being the best parents you can be and staying connected and in tune with each other as partners.

Couples and Coins

Whether you're an entrepreneur or collecting a salary with benefits, discussing savings, long term planning, and even navigating financial strain is a major skill in a relationship. Let's figure out how to keep differences in financial literacy and ideology from breaking the bond between you and your partner.

What is Submission?

How do you define Submission and what role does it play in your relationship? We get into the definition, importance and place within marriage with some of our favorite couples!

Luncheon Keynote presented by Miss Jessie's

VIP ticket holders are invited to join Erica & Warryn Campbell in discussion about the "work" required in order to be happy, healthy, whole individuals when seeking or maintaining a long term relationship no matter what comes your way.
Catering — “The Family Chef Experience” with FOOD Network star, Chef Jernard and Keena Wells.

The Husbands Panel

Five men married from 1 to 20 years talk about marriage from the male perspective.

The Wives Panel

Five women married from 1 to 20 years talk about the experiences and roles that women take on when married.

Clips & Conversation

The Black Love creators share exclusive clips from the upcoming season, joined by a high profile couple from the Black Love series discussing their relationship journey and why they decided to appear on the show.

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